Friday, April 08, 2005

Buddhist Cats

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Okay, so it has been awhile since I last posted anything on here, but that it because my personal and student life has been extraordinarily busy lately. However, I did find time to make a new comic that I will post this Sunday for sure. It is all ready to go. Check back then.

In the mean time, because I promised an update in the last post, I figured I would post a couple of early sketches I made on some three by five cards during my lunch breaks while at school. As you can tell, these are very rough drawings and not touched up at all. (I did add a black box to indicate the different cards.) I have a few more of these 3x5 cards that I might post later. The giraffe character shows up in an early strip, but unless I get any good ideas or inspiration, I don't think he'll be returning. I thought he would work as Zeb's boss, but that went nowhere for me. The cat character was more interesting in that a friend found him funny. I remember seeing a Buddha figurine with a cat's head in an import shop. Ever since, I've tended to associate cats with Buddhists--perhaps it is a zen thing.


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