Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tune in Next Week

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Tune in Next Week

Okay, my Monday posting (this one) is late, but the next one won't be since it is already drawn and colored. Of course, this isn't a real post, but as it didn't take long to make, I figured I would throw it up here on the site. Actually, the picture comes from sketch that I drew several months ago and have just now committed it to ink.

Please suggest new names for the duck character in the previous post for the poll. She, the duck, shows up in the next comic but still does not have a name. I will take your suggestions I get and turn them into a poll question. Don't make me beg! (Please...heh.)


At 10:46 AM, Blogger zanthir said...

I really like the name Wanda, and I think some alliteration like Wanda Waddlelot or something like that would be cute. You know, because ducks tend to waddle a lot. So, I think if you were to do a poll, I would pair the first and last names, and then have a poll for the whole names.


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