Monday, February 14, 2005

An Accident

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An Accident

Zeb is yet again surprised by his parents in their R.V., but the Birthday celebration should go on in the next few comics. I have some ideas for some new characters thanks to some feedback from a real close friend. I'll probably be introducing a new character because of it. Remember feedback is greatly appreciated, so if you can spare a moment leave a comment. Blogger has improved their commenting system, so it should be easier to leave an anonymous comment if you prefer. But, if you want, you can also send me an E-mail to the address in the sidebar.

As for the technical aspects of the comic, I used the ink and the quill to do all of the outlining and for the larger areas of black, I used the brush pen. That made things go a bit quicker. I think it looks okay. I fooled around with the image in my photo manipulation software to try and make the blacks look all of the same. The brush pen always looks brown compared the intense black of the India ink. Oh, well. If you have any suggestions about how better to do this, again, let me know. (I will try to change the vote question on the side soon once I get the time and remember how to do it. It may be a couple of weeks and will involve tinkering with the template.)


At 3:13 PM, Blogger zanthir said...

Consider using a fine stiff paint brush with the india ink for the large areas. This or something of this nature should ensure the same color of black over the whole comic. I didn't notice the two colors in this comic. It's one of the funniest yet. I love phisical comedy.

For a pole you could ask which for people's favorite Angry Bear Comic. It would be a long list to choose from, but I think it would be cool.


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