Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tuesday Update

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Too Much Work Again!

Okay, things have definitely not gone according to my plans. I truly promise that there will be a real update on the site soon. The poll on the side bar should be changed to reflect the new question, so be sure and vote for your favorite name for the duck character. In that regard, if you have not already seen it in the comments, or noticed it yourself, then it might come as some surprise to know that the duck character has four legs. Unlike Clark Doodlecoop who has two wings and two legs, the duck has four orange bottom appendages. What is up with that? It looked good when I first designed the character, but now I am thinking that a revision is necessary.

But even though there has not been an official update here on the site, I have been working behind the scenes and thinking a lot about comics lately. The first realization is that the camping storyline is going on for far too long than I intended, so I will try to wrap that up soon and move on to something. The other thing is that I need to try and make the characters have more dramatic poses. I have been reading several reference books about comics and, while it may not show up here, I feel it has definitely helped. In any event, I am going to shoot for an actual update on Sunday. But, if luck is with me, there may be a new comic sooner than that. Until then, vote and check back in a couple of days!


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