Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Hello, everyone. I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone for supporting this blog. I have learned a lot about the comic craft during the short period that this blog has been in operation, and I have some good ideas about continuing into the future. Your feedback has been very helpful and highly valued. I hope that you find the future comics even more enjoyable than the ones that have already been posted. I am still aiming for weekend updates, probably early Monday depending on how the sidebar poll goes. (Which by the way, I want to say: Thanks for voting!)

However, it occurs to me as I surf through the blogosphere every now again just how many brand new bloggers are out there. In that regard, I wanted to post just a little blurb about how to link to this site. Not everyone knows, or feels comfortable with HTML, and therefore they may not know how to create their own links. But from what little I know, it is very simple. (Links to this site are very welcome. I will try to include a link back to your site in return for a link to this one.)

With a view to make it simple for everyone, the HTML code for a link to this site appears below. However, to get this code to work you will need to change the square brackets that look like this [ ] to angle brackets, which look like this < > . (I needed to change their appearance below to get them to show up in this post):

[a href=""]Angry Bear Comics[/a]

If you use blogger as your blogging tool, find an appropriate spot in your template and post this HTML code. Next, save your template and republish it. You should see a text link to this site appearing on your blog depending on where you put the link in your code. For more information about making hyperlinks, or other fun tricks with basic HTML, you can go to this site for more information. Or, of course, you can also search the web. If you do include a link to us here, or put Angry Bear Comics in your blogroll, let me know in the comments by including the URL to your homepage so I can include a link back to you. See you soon with another comic!