Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Visit

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The Visit

I really should commit to posting these on a certain day. Therefore, if I need to be late, I can then tell you guys when to expect the new comic, rather than let you guess when I'm going to roll it out. I continue to be experimenting with the processing of these comics, and I think that I am really going to try and use an honest to goodness ink and pen set, rather than worry about using the sharpie pens and non-art type pens I use now. I think that the quality and uniqueness of line should really pay off.

And, as promised, this is the introduction of Bossy Doodlecoop. I'm not sure where I plan to take this storyline, but I like how this comic turned out. The last three panels stand out for me especially. Depending on my workload at my real job, I'll try to be regular about posting these thingss, and maybe for the future--the far, far future--I might even create a sketch blog where you can see my ideas in action. (Or more likely, my idea's inaction.) Anyway, as usual, you can tell me what you think in comments, and if haven't voted, make sure you do.


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