Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! 

Well, Halloween has almost gone, and we still haven't had any trick-or-treaters, so I guess that means we will have to go find some children to push out kit-kats and milkyway bars on. Probably, we won't have anybody stop by our door at all tonight, not even to TP the trees out front. (The kids really missed out too because the candy wrappers are glow in the dark. Oh well.) I guess that we will have to eat all of he chocolate ourselves, something that I am not opposed to. We also did not do a pumpkin this year like we had planned on, but it saves us from having to watch the thing decompose on our porch.

For some reason, I did not think about doing a Holiday strip until the last minute. Therefore, although I should have posted this Halloween strip up at least a couple of days ago for the most effect, I am doing it now. I'm pretty sure that I will be ahead of the curve for Thanksgiving. Until then, I will be dreaming of pumpkin pies and cranberry sauces. My girlfriend says "winter squash and spiced cider." (She hates pumpkin pie!)


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