Thursday, September 09, 2004

Family Photos

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Family Photos

Finally, here is a new update, which continues the story-line of Bossy Doodlecoop's visit. Let me know in the comments how you think it is going, if you have the time. As far as this post goes, I guess I should let everyone know that I have changed how I am drawing these things once again.

First, I have my own scanner and no longer rely on the one at work. Unfortunately, I am using the scanning software that came with the scanner, which is pretty bare-bones, but eventually I will try to get some high quality imaging/photoshop software to make the comics a better. Second, I am now drawing this comic in actual ink, using a nib and inkwell rather than a regular fountain pen. The thing to notice here is how the type of line has changed. The lines have a personal quality that isn't communicated with the bare clinical lines of the pen. In this regard to line quality, the image in the second panel is my favorite, the one of Zeb. You can see how the line thickens and thins out in some good places. However, you can also see how I need some practice using these materials. I'm still shakey where I shouldn't be, and I may rethink about doing the lettering with the drawing nib.

I feel confident that the next few comics will be even better. For one, I used the wrong kind of paper with this comic, and I already bought some paper that will take an ink line better. The should make the comic look a bit cleaner. Anyway, this is the update for the this week. I don't think that I will have another update for a little while, but I am looking closely at the poll on the left here. It is a tie between Monday and Wednesday. Eventually, I will try to start posting on the day that the majority of you guys want me to, so remember, keep voting. Until next time.


At 12:30 PM, Blogger zanthir said...

I really liked the frame where Zeb was screaming AAAAAAHHHHHHH! His expression was priceless and made me laugh.

At 10:30 PM, Blogger zhaf said...

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it.


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