Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Neat Announcement : Online Store Open!

I've been working behind the scenes here a little bit, and I thought that, even though it might be premature, I would set up a little online store where you could purchase some cool stuff featuring Angry Bear Comic characters and logos. As I am a person of very little means, I have set this store up through cafepress, a fairly cool site that allows one design and sell a limited selection of merchandise without having to deal with the pragmatics of producing products, shipping them, or whatnot. Furthermore, this is more for fun than anything else; it is certainly not something that I ever hope to get rich off of. In any event, if you have some time, check it out:

Finally, thanks to everyone who has posted a comment in the previous entry. It looks like "pixie" may be the hairstyle I'll be going with for Skratchi, unless of course something changes between now and the next couple of days. Please post your comments if you haven't already--heck, post again if you want to. All of the comments have been useful, even insightful, and have helped me shaped my ideas about the future of the comic. Until next time, have fun and enjoy!


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