Saturday, October 23, 2004

A Wet Cat

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A Wet Cat

Sorry to all of those voters who wanted this posting on Friday. As Monday and Friday are the top two current leads in the sidebar poll, it somehow seems fitting to split the difference into the weekend. But I also know that the best way to build up a an audience is to try and develop some posting consistency, therefore I will try to do better.

As for this comic, there were a couple of things I was going for here. First, I wanted to try and update Dana's hairstyle since it seems a little awkward. I've tried to give an indication how it falls over the ear this time rather than behind it. Second, I wanted to try and experiment with a couple of different techniques with incorporating more shades through the "hatching" technique. You can see it in the rug, and in the picture of the ship in the background.

Finally, please feel more than free to leave (constructive) comments about the comic here. Are there things I should try and include? Things I should avoid? Do you know of a better way to draw and post these things? (One thing I have already learned is that the type of pen nib I am using loses it point after about three comics. I will be buying more.) Drop a note--an anonymous one if you want--in the comments. Not only have all of the ones you have already made helpful, but I assure you, I read every one. Thanks. See you next week.