Friday, August 20, 2004


(Click on comic for larger view)

Once again, this is a comic that I had completed earlier, but didn't have time to scan in until recently. I have one more left until I need to, *ahem*, get back to the drawing board. I'm still trying to find my footing with both the drawing aspect and the computer aspect of this comic. It has been both challenging and fun. I am continuing to learn as I go, so things may be a changing more and more as I go on.

As far as the computer aspect goes, one of the things I recently discovered was the differences in browsers. If you want to see the best version of the comic, you should click on the image to see it by itself. However, if you are using Internet Explorer, you should mouse over to the lower right hand portion of the comic to reveal a little box with four blue arrows in each corner. Click on that little box to expand the comic to its original size. The difference in quality should be worth it. If you use Mozilla, like I do, then you should already see the fully expanded version when you first click on the comic. Since I don't have access to other browsers, can anyone give me feedback on how to view the comic with those other programs? (How does it look in Opera or Safari? Is there a way, or a need, to expand the comic?)

Don't forget to vote the day you want to see a new comic. I will leave the poll up for a month or so to allow people to choose. I am thinking that right now, one update per week is all I can do, until I get ahead on comics, and that won't happen until I finish up my other work. Although I haven't finished that work yet, I am really close. That's all for now, and--oh yeah, don't forget to Vote!


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