Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Two Figures

Today's project was to draw two figures: male and female. This was a challenge insofar as I tend to draw people from the neck up. My proportions for the whole body are a little off, so I need to practice. I need to practice on another thing too, drawing hands and feet. The final challenge for this particular sketch was to draw something within an indoor setting and not just floating in space.

I've discovered (duh!) that it is one thing to draw things like hands and feet while you are looking at a reference. It is quite another thing to rely solely on your imagination to draw things like hands and feet when you're not looking right at it. I guess the ability to draw on my imagination in a cartoon style is the art muscle I am working on right now. I've been thinking how I would really like to take more figure drawing classes. I am sure that would help me out in this regard.

As for the technical aspects of this drawing, I used a .08 micron pen, a medium (BM) and a small brush (BS) pen. I think for a consistent style I need to either become more steady when inking, or just use a single size pen. I colored the whole thing in GIMP again. The neon color schemes I tend to favor are easy to achieve with GIMP, but I wonder if Adobe Photoshop would help me vary my colors more and get a little more complex. Anyhow, it's fun to play around with. If you have a moment, tell me what you think.


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