Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Technology Gap

(click comic for larger view)

As you can see, I experimented again with this comic. I had a lot of fun doing all of the computer stuff. And there was a lot of computer stuff to do this time, maybe even too much. Of course, the coloring was all done on computer. But, there was more digital manipulation left to do. For example, each panel was drawn on separate sketch book pages at about eight inches square. After scanning them into the computer, I scaled them down to size, drew the large black borders, and stitched them together in a single comic. (All of this, by the way, was done with GIMP.) I also used the ames guide to do the lettering, which was both a little frustrating because it kept slipping off the ruler, but also fun to use.

I regret not planning out the background when I doing the initial sketch, but oh well. I think I did pretty good on the character construction. Overall, I've been sketching a lot, practicing when I am not busy packing up for my upcoming move. I've got some of these sketches uploaded into the computer, but they're nothing special. I may or may not post them later.

EDIT: If I am going to use this format again, I am going to have to use the largest setting on the ames guide. It looks like the eight setting isn't going to show up in the initial blog post. Therefore, please click the comic to see it in its proper size. Any feedback is more than welcome, and I do mean "any!"


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