Thursday, July 29, 2004

Faux Paw

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Faux Paw

: If you are looking for FAUX PAW cat, McGruff's feline cartoon partner to safety on the Internet, then you need to go to Click this LINK to go directly to the site. We here at Angry Bear Comics fully support children's safety on the Internet. Remember: KEEP your information secret, DON'T MEET anyone from the Internet, TELL an adult if ever feel unsafe or unsure.

Okay, this is the best one so far. I am improving each day. The lines are clean, the picture breaks away a bit from the usual four block format, and I also think the image is big enough to see. (I am worried about the different browsers though and how it might work for some and not for others.) For the time being, I think I am going to stick to drawing these comics all out by hand with a pencil, pen, and paper first, and then hammer out exactly how to tweak it in my (cheap) image editor. I think that the key is to touch up your image while it is still huge (20" by 20"), and then shrink it down to size when you're finally ready to post it (approx 6" by 6").

In this comic, we have a sense of what Zeb might do for a job, and we've also introduced a new (albeit minor) character, Tom. I'm still creating most of this by the seat of my pants, so maybe this will all work out, and maybe it won't; but so far, I have to say that I like it well enough. Searching the web, I've found some links to some interesting comic sites, especially a couple of "how-tos". It's funny to note how easy these other people make it seem. Anyhow, if you're are so inclined, leave a comment.


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