Saturday, July 24, 2004


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Dana Wants to Shop

One of things that I really hate to do is shop for things, but I know shopping is one of those absolutely necessary things that you've just got to do in life. After all, it is important to eat and that is hard to do without buying something first. Part of the issue is that I am a terrible shopper. I don't always look for the bargains, I don't remember the prices of what things "should cost," and I am beyond terrible at adding prices up in my head or doing any math, which completely rules out trying to figure if the discount for the can of peas I'm staring at is really worth it.

However, all of this is in direct contrast to my partner. She absolutely loves shopping and wants my input, which I have to admit is pretty worthless. It even makes her feel better just knowing that we have food in the house that we could eat if we wanted to. Therefore, while I could inhale half of the groceries when we get home from the store, I am really trying hard not to eat the things she wants to hang onto for awhile. But, I really admire her shopping capabilities, and I am learning from her. As everyone but me seemed to know, fifteen bucks on junk food won't go as far as the same amount of money on fruits and vegetables.

(By the way, this is Dana's first appearance in the comic. I am still working out the various characters, and I am also trying to figure out the best way to write, draw, and publish these things. So, the experiment continues! If you have any comments about this, just drop a note in the comment box. I'll be sure to try and respond.)


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