Friday, July 23, 2004


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Zeb and the Telemarketers

Actually, I've come close to doing this myself (i.e. openly growling at these people), but I suppose it is my fault for not signing up on the "do not call" registry when I had the chance. I know there is no excuse to be rude to strangers on the telephone, but sheesh, these telemarketers can be pretty relentless Almost every third day I get a call from someone who wants to know if I want to refinance my mortgage, switch my telephone provider, or have my forehead tatooed with a rather large ad for their company. Of course, all it takes is for me to tell them that I live in an apartment, I ate my telephone, or that I'm from the planet Vulcan, and they usually hang up on me. The weirdest telemarketer call I ever got was from a woman who tried to flirt with me for a couple of minutes before telling me she was with such-and-such a company, and did I need to have my windshields repaired for my car. It wasn't odd that they were trying to sell me something, this was just my first experience with their open deception. Like Zeb would say: Grr!


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Okay, so as I am still working out the bugs on this new project, there will be many changes as we go along here. For example, I just realized that I did NOT enable posts the way I should have. However, this problem has now been resolved. So, go ahead and tell us what you think.


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