Monday, June 11, 2007

True Life Tales - 4

My favorite panel is the last one because it reads well close up and far away. I also should have tried to put myself in this comic somehow because people are more interesting than things, but I did manage to get the kid who took my car for the joyride but it doesn't really count because he is too small.

Anyhow, thinking about things after my last post, I did remember that I wrote down my experiences with my car getting stolen for the first time. More recently, I wrote about my trip to court when I got that one (unfair, of course) speeding ticket. So, those are two great experiences that I may be able farm a comic script out of somehow. Of course, more overall drawing practice is also in order, but I don't think it will come in the next few days because I am finishing up finals. Maybe another comic this weekend?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

True Life Tales - 3

(click on comic for larger view)

Making comics has not really been my priority during the last few months as I'm sure you can already tell by how often I update. Still, I am committed into keeping this going. The above comic is the result of wanting to do something for myself only and not for school or work. One of the things I have discovered through this comic experiment is that I am having a hard time coming up with ideas to turn into comics. I might be too critical and shooting down ideas before I even try them out. Oh well.

The above really happened to me. I fell down on the street in front of a bus station just three days ago. For some reason, my ankle went out on me and was weak for the rest of the day. The funny thing is that me falling down in public wasn't even the most memorable part of my day. For instance, I later went on a mini-hike nearby some waterfalls in the forest and encountered a man taking his "cat" for a walk on a rope leash! It is not often you see that sort of thing. Dogs, yes. Cats, no. Anyway, after my fall, I did buy a few art supplies that I have already used at work. More comics should be forthcoming as summer break is around the corner and that means more time to draw. I also want to get much better at this comic thing, so I definitely need to keep practicing.