Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Too Much Work

If you don't already know, it is the middle of finals week for me here, and the result is that I cannot post anything new on the site for the next week. I also have a BIG test on Saturday, so the nearest I can have a new comic on the site will be this Sunday. In a weird way, I am both looking forward to the test and dreading it. I will not have much chance to study for it like I want to because I need to get my unfinished papers done.

And wouldn't you know, the week that I don't have time to post is the same week that I have a lot of new visitors from the The Belfry WebComics Index. Sorry about that guys. Check back on Dec. 12th. In the mean time, check out the comics in the archives (you'll notice there has been a drastic development over time) and leave a comment telling us what you think, or suggestion, or whatever.