Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Back to Me!

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Well, if anyone still checks this space anymore, the above is evidence that my year long hiatus from this comic blog was somewhat unplanned. The date, May 21st, proves that I was still thinking, even way back then, of posting something here. All I can say is that spammers, while one of the most unpleasant and irritating components of the Internet, were at least responsible for a small boost to my ego because their comment spam proved that at least someone was looking at this space. Of course, I am going to slap down the spam here soon, so legtimate veiwers may not see it, but trust it was there!

Two major things have changed since the last time I posted on this site. The first is that I now have Photoshop and Illustrator! My days of using G.I.M.P. are over, and when I think about it, I admit that part of me is going to miss it. G.I.M.P. was instrumental in helping me express my creativity when I had even less access to the tools I needed than I do now. G.I.M.P., if I can just say one more time, is a pretty good FREE! alternative to the expensive Adobe Suite I now own. Also, I am doing my best to get a "Visual Communication" degree from my community college. In the olden days, visual communication used to be called Graphic Design. So, while I am not claiming one software is better than the other, I am switching over to Photoshop for most of my raster needs because that is the industry standard, and by God, I need a regular job again.

The second major thing that has changed during this past year is that I am moving a little bit away from the Angry Bear storyline to some degree. I ran out of steam and most of my comics began to sound like my blog--a little whiny and pointless. It has been fun to explore my comic chops, as they say, but I have reached a new level so I think I am going to branch out a bit. Zeb and Dana and the rest will probably still show up every now and again, but I am going to start throwing more stuff out here on the blog. For example, aside from the diary comic project that I am planning on, I have one or two more ideas for other comic projects that might show up here over the course of time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy whatever happens. If you got really inspired and left a comment that would be great! It'd sure be a change of pace from the spam, which is nice in the absence of other comments, but still a little annoying.


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