Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Motorcycle Scouts

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Motorcycle Scouts

Congratulations are in order since this is my 50th comic here. I think I've improved, but I could still put a lot more work in developing the story and being more consistent with the drawing. Oh well. These things may come with time. The coloring takes along time to do, and the reason seems to be filling in the little white spaces I tend to get between my line art and the color when I use the bucket tool. This might only make sense to you if you use a graphical manipulation program like photoshop or GIMP.

Sorry for the lateness of the comic. I've been blocked on this story, so I haven't figured out how to get much further. I need to find some inspiration from somewhere. And of course, I still need to practice drawing. I haven't much felt like drawing either, but that's one thing I think I can overcome and force myself to do anyway. It's like developing muscle: you have to exercise regularly to make any progress. Until next time.


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