Monday, March 13, 2006

Circus Story

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Circus Story

Wow! So this is an actual Monday post. I almost don't believe it, but then again, I probably will be back to the usual erratic schedule that I have been usually following lately. Maybe I won't be so erratic in the future, but who knows? The best thing to do to get all of the updates is create a bloglines account and subscribe to this little comic that way. Personally, I like bloglines cause I can read about 70+ blogs on a regular basis, including the really cool drawing and cartooning ones.

Anyway, I tried some new things with this comic. The first is that I sketched out the whole thing in pencil first, and then I redrew it with the non-photo blue pencil and ink brush on another sheet of paper. I also thought I should try and vary the line thicknesses more. So the second thing is I tried to give the lines more weight. These new line thicknesses show up best in the last two panels. What do you think? Do you like the new line thicknesses? Does it matter? Did you eat pancakes for breakfast?

The next thing I will have to do is work on the script side of these little things. I don't really think up the story before I start drawing. Therefore, the stories tend to jump around. I hope this comic helps clear up the vagueness of the previous one. Oh well. In any event, whatever feedback you may have is greatly appreciated. (No Kidding!)


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